Looking to start a career in real estate or are an existing realtor looking for a new brokerage? Van Zandt Properties offers unique opportunities designed to empower our agents to reach their fullest potential. Get all of the benefits of a boutique brokerage without all of the fees and expenses that come from the larger corporations. We offer an exclusive tiered payment structure with educational requirements designed to provide fair compensation, incentivize performance, and encourage long-term commitment, all while promoting continuous learning and professional development. We also offer one-on-one mentoring, in-office continuing educations classes, and monthly company meetings to supply our realtors with the support needed to help them thrive in the ever changing real estate market.

If you're interested in joining our team, contact us today! Even if you don't choose us, we are happy to help you find the brokerage that is the right fit for you.

Commission Structure

Novice Agents

- Commission Split: 80/20 (Agent/Broker)
- Mentoring Fee: Additional 10% on gross commission
- Cap: $15,000
- Post-Cap Split: 90/10 (Agent/Broker)
- Mentoring Fee After 10 Transactions: Drops off as long as education requirements (listed below) have also been met.
- Education Requirement: 270 hours of MCE (Mandatory Continuing Education) in addition to completing 10 transactions before the mentoring fee drops off.

Novice agents at Van Zandt Properties start with an 80/20 commission split, and a 10% mentoring fee. They are required to complete 270 hours of MCE in addition to successfully closing 10 transactions before the mentoring fee is waived. After reaching the cap of $15,000, their split increases to 90/10.

Experienced Agents:

- Transactions Requirement: 10 transactions in the previous 3 years
- Commission Split: 80/20 (Agent/Broker)
- Cap: $15,000
- Post-Cap Split: 90/10 (Agent/Broker)

Experienced agents with a track record of 10 transactions in the past 3 years enjoy an 80/20 commission split until they reach a cap of $15,000. Beyond the cap, their split becomes 90/10.

Tenured Agents:

- Payment: Flat rate of $250 per month

Agents with long-standing tenure benefit from a stable, predictable cost structure, paying a flat rate of $250 per month. (Please click here for a detailed explanation.)